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Zone v1.1 Free Update

Zone v1.1 includes 112 new presets (512 in total), new arpeggio and lane scale presets, global step selectors, distortion and new delay insert FX, linkable oscillators, data shift function, oscillator tuning snap to grid, waveform text displays, revamped macros, extra global sequence presets, lane mute/lock and much more. You can grab the download for no extra cost to existing v1.0 users here. There is no need to uninstall your existing version, as v1.1 is designed to install over v1.0. Existing users can simply follow and install from the 'Trial' link. 

The feature updates are listed in full below. You can also check out this video for a broader overview


112 additional new multi-genre presets. Total number of presets is 512.

‘Reset’ lock to guide against accidental patch reset

Support for multiple user banks/ability to create new preset folders within Zone GUI

Ability to copy/paste presets from one user bank to another

Additional preset categories - Tops and Stabs


Oscillators can now be linked on/off with Oscillator 1 as the master

Oscillators 1/2 tuning and fine tuning now linkable

5 Additional Noise types - AMP, BACON, CIRCUIT, ANALOG, VINTAGE

Noise generator now has dedicated On/Off switch

Oscillator Coarse tunings can now be snapped to a whole semitone value on the sequencer grid (accessed in the options menu by clicking Zone logo)

MIDI velocity to envelope can be toggled On/Off (accessed in the options menu by clicking the Zone logo)

Oscillator waveform names are now displayed on mouseover


New Insert FX type - ‘Free Stereo Delay’ - providing L/R channel delays in ms values.

New Insert FX type - ‘Distortion’ - providing 7 distortion tones, EXPONENTIAL, SOFT CLIP, HARD CLIP, TRIANGLE CLIP, TRIANGLE FOLD, SINGLE FOLD, MULTI FOLD

Insert FX are now bypass-able by right clicking the FX tab number.

FX and LFO tab selection ‘remembered ‘ when preset saved or recalled.


Dedicated lane mute icons in sequencer lanes.

Dedicated lane lock to ensure data is not accidentally erased.

Increase/decrease all data in lane proportionally by holding [shift] and click/dragging up or down.

Sequencer lane functionality now includes

i) Major, minor, harmonic minor, melodic minor, dorian, Phrygian, lydian, mixolydian, locrian ,pentatonic major, pentatonic minor, pentatonic yo, Okinawan arpeggios and scales

ii) Shift steps backwards/forwards by 2/4/8/16 steps

iii) Increase/Decrease data in 10% increments

Global lane sequencer step L and R selectors added.

Global lane sequencer ‘Reset’ lock to guard against accidental reset.

5 x new global lane sequencer presets.

Highlight the last selected lane preset if no data has been edited, by creating a grey box around the selected lane preset.

Clicking on sequencer lane data values to enter numeric text input.

When copying and pasting lane data, lane speed copies.

Ability to bypass lanes on automation on first 32 lanes.

Copying specific bipolar/unipolar lane data to a new lane will mean that lane is specifically bipolar or unipolar.


Orange box now appears around controls assigned to macros.

Blue box now appears around controls assigned to grid.

Grey box now appears around controls assigned to macro and grid.

Link to manual in credits screen (accessed by clicking Zone logo)

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