I can't see Nuxx in my DAW. What should I do?

Firstly please make sure you are running a 64-bit DAW. Secondly, please ensure your machine and OS meet the minimum installation requirements (OS 10.9 on Mac, and Windows 7 on PC).

Do you offer an educational discount?

Yes, Audiaire are proud to support the creators of the future. Please email support@audiaire.com with valid student ID to receive a 20% discount coupon on a full price purchase of Zone. We are happy to discuss a discount on a bulk purchase or larger number of seats.

Where do I find technical support?

We'd love to hear from you! Please email us at support@audiaire.com.

If you are experiencing technical difficulties, please state your format (PC or Mac), OS and DAW (including version). Where possible please provide screengrabs or WeTransfer links to videos. If software fails to appear in Ableton upon install, please check the following steps, recommended by Ableton

How do I install Nuxx?

Nuxx installation is simple and requires no license manager software.

Please register an account or login with existing credentials at https://www.audiaire.com/accounts/profile/

On the Nuxx product page click Buy Now. Once you are in your cart please use the same email registered to your Audiaire account or if a new user the email you intend to use to register Nuxx.

Once you have received your purchase link, unzip and install Nuxx. Login with your Audiaire account details to unlock Nuxx. Nuxx can be used on 2 machines with the same login details. You DO NOT need to reinstall Nuxx if you are a trial user who has purchased.

My login credentials don't unlock Nuxx!

Please make sure you are using the same login email that you entered in cart when you purchased Nuxx.

This email may be different to your registered account email!

This email will be the same email to which your purchase download link was sent.

If you did not have an Audiaire account prior to purchasing Nuxx, request a password reset below and use the new password to unlock Nuxx.


Removing previous activations

Select “Account” from the top menu and select “Licenses” on the account page. Click on the plugin name on the licenses page and click remove on any activations you want to delete.

Learn more about Nuxx below: