How can I make sure that my version of Zenith is up to date?

Existing Audiaire users can visit www.audiaire.com/getzenith to download the latest version of Zenith.

Splice users can update using the Splice desktop app.

My DAW can’t see Zenith, what should I do?

Please ensure your computer and software meet Zenith’s minimum specifications. Also check that you have installed Zenith correctly, by checking in the following directories:


  • /Users/yourusername/Library/Application Support/Audiaire/Zenith/
  • /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components/Zenith.component
  • VST: /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST/Zenith.vst


  • C:\Program Files\Steinberg\VstPlugins\Audiaire\

(Please note that the Library folder may be hidden. To access, click Finder and select the Go menu. Hold [alt] and Library location will appear under the Go menu.)

If you can’t see Zenith, try rescanning your DAW for plugins. This option can often be found under preferences or audio settings. If Zenith is ‘blacklisted’ or not showing in Logic, please try the following steps asprescribed by Apple: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201199

My device is not responding to Zenith’s sequencer, why?

  1. Check that your device is receiving 'MIDI In’ from Zenith under your DAW’s routing options as described in the manual under the section “Setting up Zenith in your DAW”.
  2. Please be sure your device can receive MIDI CC or SysEx data. If it is a very old hardware device, it is possible it only receives MIDI note data but not CC or SysEx.
  3. If your receiving device is software, please be sure the relevant MIDI map or controller assignments have been set as described earlier in the manual under the section ‘Sending MIDI From Zenith”.
  4. Please be sure the software device you are controlling is not a VST3 as this protocol has limited MIDI routing options within DAWs and as such is incompatible with Zenith.
  5.  If your device is hardware, please check the MIDI channel on which it is set to receive (some drum machines only receive on MIDI channel 10, and some modified vintage synths on channels 14 or 15). Please also check it is set to receive MIDI CC and/or SysEx data (this is usually selected via a switch or within the options menu in newer devices)
  6. Check your synth’s firmware or OS is up-to-date. In some devices, older firmware may not include CC control.


My device responds to Zenith but the preset controllers aren't assigned to the correct knobs in my receiving device.

Please check your receiving device has the correct MIDI map loaded and/or saved. Zenith ships with MIDI maps for all device presets which require them.

If using hardware, please check your device firmware or OS is up-to-date.

If using a SysEx receiving device, ensure you have selected your SYSEX Vendor, Device, MIDI interface and Channel from within Zenith.

My hardware device jams when I use the Zenith LFO at high speeds! Why?

MIDI CC data, when sent in bulk, can cause ‘log-jams’ in hardware, particularly older synths. There isn’t much that can be done since MIDI is essentially serial data used to communicate, in some cases, with very primitive hardware. Please try clicking the PANIC LED. However, in this instance, the only remedy is usually to restart your hardware device.

When I load a Zenith preset, my receiving device preset sounds different. Why?

This may happen because even though Zenith controllers are by default set to a neutral position, your receiving device preset may not have all its controls set to a default position. You can usually remedy this mismatch by reloading your receiver preset while retaining the preset in Zenith. 

My new SysEx device is still not showing, even after I’ve added my custom .sysex file to the relevant file location.

Restart your DAW and relaunch Zenith in order for it to properly ‘see’ your newly added SysEx vendor or device.

My SysEx device is experiencing latency. What should I do?

Try clicking the Zenith logo and access the MIDI Latency settings. The exact latency can be adjusted in milliseconds (ms). 

What device presets does Zenith come with?

Zenith works with any MIDI CC controllable device (virtually every plugin and a vast number of hardware devices).

The base library has presets made for the following hardware:

Access Virus Snow TI2, Arturia MatrixBrute/MicroFreak, Behringer DeepMind 12D, Black Corp Deckard's Dream, Clavia Nord Lead 2/3,l Dave Smith OB-6/Prophet 6, Elektron Analogue 4/Digitone/Octatrack, Korg DSS-1/DW-6000/DW-8000/Electribe/Electribe Sampler/ EX-8000/MicroKorg/Minilogue / Monologue/MS20 Mini/Tubbutec ModyPoly 2.0/ Tubbutec Modysix/Volca Bass/Volca Beats/Volca Drum/Volca FM/Volca Keys/Volca Kick/Volca Nubass/Volca Sample, Moog Grandmother/LittlePhatty/SlimPhattySub 37/Sub Phatty, Mutable Instruments Shruthi1, Novation A-Station/ Circuit Mono Station/MiniNova, Oberheim Matrix 6/Matrix 1000/Xpander, Roland Alpha Juno-1/Alpha Juno-2/Encore Jupiter 8/Europa Jupiter 6./HS-10/ HS-80/JD-XA/JU-06/Juno 106/JX-03/JX-8P/Kiwi-JX3P/MKS-7/ MKS-50/ MKS-70/MKS-80/SE-02/SH-01A/System 8/TB-03/TR-8/TR-09/Tubbutec Juno 6./VP-03, Sequential Circuits Six-Trak/Tauntek Multitrak, Waldorf Pulse Mk1, Yamaha DX7DX21/DX27/DX27S/ DX100/Reface DX/TX81Z.


Arturia CS-80 V/Jupiter-8/Modular V/Pigments/Prophet V/Prophet VS/ Solina V/Synclavier V, D16 Drumazon/ LuSH-101/Nepheton/ Nithonat/Phoscyon, GForce Oddity2, Korg Legacy Arp Odyssey/Legacy M1/ Legacy MonoPoly/Legacy MS-20/ Legacy Polysix, KV331 Synthmaster 303, Lennar Sylenth, Native Instruments Massive, ReFx Nexus 2, Roland Cloud Juno-106/Cloud Jupiter-8/Cloud Promars.xml Roland Cloud SH-2/Cloud SH-101/Cloud SYSTEM-1/ Cloud SYSTEM-8/ Cloud SYSTEM-100/TR-808, Roli Equator, Sonic Charge Microtonic/Synplant/Omnisphere, u-he Diva/Hive/Repro-1/ Zebra2, Xfer Serum, XILS-lab PolyM.

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