What formats does Zone run on?

Zone runs on both PC / Mac at 64-bit and supports VST, AU and AAX formats. You will need a compatible DAW to launch Zone since it does not offer standalone operation. You will need at least Mac OS 10.10 and Windows 7. 

How do I install and try Zone for free?

You can download a fully featured 14 day Zone trial here. During the trial you have the option to purchase Zone. You do not need to reinstall if you purchase a serial.

YOU DO NOT NEED AN ILOK USB DONGLE. Please install demo as follows: 

1. If you do not have it, install the free iLok License Manager which administers licenses to all iLok products. Sign into your free iLok account.
2. Download and install free Zone trial by clicking link emailed when you registered.
3. Launch DAW and open Zone. A pop-up will appear asking to authorise Zone. Click Try and enter your iLok user ID/password. Choose whether to install license on your machine or USB dongle. Note trial can only be actviated once.  Once trial elapses full license purchase required to continue use.

We have also created a video guide to installation and uninstalling Zone using iLok here

Where do I find Zone updates and how do I install them?

Zone v1.1 and higher vastly improves functionality. If you are running v1.0 you should update your installer. If you hold a valid iLok serial number/license, you can do this by simply downloading and installing the v1.1 free trial over your existing Zone v1.0 installer. If you are a Splice Rent-to-Own customer, you will see an update reminder next to the Zone icon in your desktop app. Click this to begin updating automatically. Click this Youtube link to see an overview of the new features in v1.1.

If you have already exhausted your Zone v1.0 14 day trial, you will need to email us with your iLok ID in order to obtain a trial extension for v1.1

Where do I find technical support?

We'd love to hear from you! Please email us at support@audiaire.com.

If you are experiencing technical difficulties, please state your format (PC or Mac), OS and DAW (including version). Where possible please provide screengrabs or WeTransfer links to videos. If software fails to appear in Ableton upon install, please check the following steps, recommended by Ableton

Can I use Zone without an iLok dongle?

Yes. An iLok dongle is NOT a requirement to use Zone - it is only needed to move your license across mulitple computers. Zone is fully supported by both iLok’s online account and USB dongles (iLok 2+). A free iLok user account alone is suffcient. We recommend users authorise solely with an online account. 

If you wish to use Zone without iLok outright, you can choose Rent to Own via Splice

My version of Zone isn't appearing in Ableton. Why?

If Zone fails to appear in Ableton upon install, please check the following steps, recommended by Ableton.

Please check that you have iLok License Manager correctly installed to administer your license.

Please also check you are running a 64-bit version of Ableton, since Zone will only open in 64-bit DAWs.

Do you offer an educational discount?

Yes, Audiaire are proud to support the creators of the future. Please email support@audiaire.com with valid student ID to receive a 20% discount coupon on a full price purchase of Zone. We are happy to discuss a discount on a bulk purchase or larger number of seats.

Can I submit my Zone patches or make my own commercial banks?

Yes please do! You don’t need our permission to retail Zone patch banks. We’d also love to hear your patches - support@audiaire.com 


Will you offer more sound banks in time?

Yes, we are working on the next generation of Zone sounds as we speak. Subscribe or follow our social media for updates. 

How do I uninstall Zone or its trial?

Please deactivate your iLok license by launching iLok License Manager, selecting the license and right clicking under Product Name 'Zone' and selecting Deactivate. Then, go to the following locations or in your plugin folders and delete the respective files:

(For Mac OS)




(For PC locations please click here)

How do I install Zone Expansion packs?

Please copy the files to the ‘presets folder” within your Zone library and ensure you are using Zone v1.1.1 or higher. This upgrade is free for all paid users. iLok users should download ‘free trial’ at bit.ly/audiaire and install over existing build. Splice users can update free within the Splice app.

For Windows:

Follow the directory path below to locate where to place the Essential House & Techno Presets (please note that [username] is the name of your user on your PC). 


For Mac OS: 

Follow the directory path below, (please note that [username] is the name of your user on macOS). In order to access your Library folder, you need to have hidden folders and files turned on. To do this, navigate to your Home folder and hold down the Cmd + Shift + . (dot) keys.

You can then access the Presets at:  /Users/[username]/Library/Application Support/Audiaire/Zone/Presets

Alternatively you can use the following path with Finder’s “Go To Folder” feature: ~/Library/Application Support/Audiaire/Zone/Presets/

Learn more about Zone's specific functionality
in our concise two part video user guide below:


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